SAP Installations

The number of SAP components that are in support by SAP at any single period of time numbers in the hundreds.  These products are presented to SAP Customers as Business Solutions, Industry Solutions, as well as Platforms and Frameworks.  With such a vast product offering it is generally very difficult to understand not only how each of the products adds value to an organization, but it is more important to understand the overall solution these products potentially provide if architected correctly. Radiant Consulting has the ability to assess and understand an organizations current and strategic goals. By understanding this, we can subsequently map these strategic goals to new technology and the underlying SAP components. This will provide either a total organizational solution or an operational bridge that will provide for additional options at a later point in time. 

Only skilled and senior individuals with a thorough understanding of SAP’s current base of products and an ear towards emerging technology are capable of guiding your organization into the future.  Radiant Consulting personnel are experienced and use this expertise daily.  Additionally, it is important to understand that SAP Installations are only one piece to the puzzle.  In most cases a component must be evaluated in its current customer state, sized for its future platform, configured to support specific business processes, and adjusted based on the client’s business growth.  This is the total solution perspective that Radiant Consulting brings to the engagement.


Please contact us in order to get specifics for SAP installations and upgrades areas that you are interested in.