As technology trends change it is important for SAP Customers to adapt their technology infrastructure accordingly. In order to keep pace with these changes a customer may have need to migrate from one hardware platform to another and/or migrate from one OS to another. Regardless of  whether it is hardware, OS/DB or a Cloud Migration – Radiant is poised to assist you in this endeavor.

Radiant Consulting has facilitated several migrations for many of its past and present clients.  Radiant has performed migrations specific to the SAP Application Server Tier in order to comply with the client’s need to move to commodity hardware for savings in the areas of licensing and hardware maintenance costs.  Additionally, some of the migrations were based solely on ensuring that specific third party products have longevity on SAP supported platforms and architecture.   

In short, we take into consideration the following when it comes to a migration:

        • Customer’s strategic direction with respect to hardware and software

        • SAP’s Product Availability Matrix in order to ensure a compliant SAP Architecture

        • Customer’s ability to have either a long-term solution and/or a bridge that offers additional options

        • Customer’s ability to continue business operations with minor impact to existing operations

        • Customer’s ability to maximize the return on investment due to software licensing and/or hardware costs

The Customer’s ability to both understand and/or manage the end-state architecture, which in most cases involves the facilitation of knowledge transfer or augmentation of Operational Support.

 Regardless of the rationale, we are committed to providing the expertise to ensure that your migrations are successful.

      • Radiant Full Cycle Migration Path (FCMP) – See Separate Section

      • Vendor

      • Vendor Platform

      • OS to OS Platform

      • DB Migrations

      • Unicode Migrations

      • Cloud Migration of component(s)

Please contact us in order to get specifics for migrations that you are interested in.