Post Migration Support

Personnel Involved: Radiant Consulting expert resources and Client support/escalation/operational personnel

Duration: As needed Basis

Delivery Methodology: Remote and onsite if required

Deliverable: Service Plan to provide remote support and/or operational support post go-live

Post Migration

“You don’t actually do a project; you can only do action steps related to it. When enough of the right action steps have been taken, some situation will have been created that matches your initial picture of the outcome closely enough that you can call it ‘done.” — David Allen

During this final phase of the Migration when most organization’s resources are ramping down, Radiant Consulting is still working diligently to ensure that the client experience is still optimal and the relationship is maintained appropriately.  It is the continued responsibility of Radiant Consulting to provide ongoing support either directly to the end-client and/or to the service providing organization until the client has made the adjustment to their new situation.  Radiant will continue to provide industry leading remote and onsite support based on a multi-tiered approach that best meets the client’s need.  We realize that there are many more areas that the client can look to increase their Return on their investment (ROI) whether it be via technology, processes, or some combination of the two.  We are here for you and your needs.

Some of the services to consider Post Migration are listed below:

  1. Remote Monitoring

  2. Remote Help Desk Escalation Experts to facilitate resolution of technical and functional issues

  3. Remote Assessments (Performance)

  4. SAP Component Upgrades and Installations

  5. Solution Manager Installation and configuration (Monitoring, CHARM, tec.)

  6. Client Technology Workshops to address new SAP products and/or technology Trends

  7. Performance Testing

  8. Security Assessments

  9. Network Bandwidth Testing

  10. Disaster Recovery Assessment and Recommendations

It is important to note that there are many unique services associated with a Client migration.  We at Radiant Consulting have the ability to deliver on each of these unique services individually as per client requirements.